Logo Design Concept

This logo is more than a brand identifier. It is an evocative reflection of Lambros Comitas's life and legacy. Apart from the symbolism naturally associated with boats and sails, a quick squint of the eye in this case reveals a torch-like image, symbolizing in a most appropriate way the passing of Lambros’s torch and his anthropological mission to next generations, through the institute that bears his name. The nautical motif is also a nod to ancient Greek seafaring culture and Caribbean fishing culture, both central in his life.

Design Elements

Iconography: The stylized image of a small sailing boat on water establishes a nautical motif.

Typography: The name 'COMITAS' is set in Skia font, chosen for its informal aspect, reflecting Lambros's gentle character approachable nature.

Color Scheme: A classic duo of navy blue and white is employed to evoke the colors of sea and sail. Blue is a color associated with depth, understanding, and stability, qualities that reflect the institute’s academic underpinnings.

Composition: The logo is balanced with the text positioned to the right of the icon. The non-alignment of the text symbolizes the back-and-forth motion of waves. The white space around the elements ensures that the logo remains clear and versatile across various applications.

Symbolism and Meaning

The Boat: Symbolizes life’s journey, denoting a sense of adventure, freedom, and the pursuit of goals.

The Sails: Represent a sense of adventure and exploration; new journeys and uncharted territories.

The Water: Symbolizes unexplored depths and boundless possibility.